Our Purpose

Educate  ~  Motivate  ~  Participate


Presidents Team is a nonprofit political organization 100% supported by volunteers to educate people on the current policies of the President’s administration and to motivate our Georgia communities to participate in the political process.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”
~ Edward R. Murrow

About Presidents Team

We believe it is important to communicate the truth about the President’s policies and to hold the media accountable to the American people. The greatness of our country is not about our politics nor is not about the headline news; but about the greatness of our country is about “We the People” and how the President’s policies serve our best interest.

Educate and Influence

We will educate and we will influence public policy to promote lower taxes and regulations, as well as, prioritize the security of our borders. These efforts are essential to keep America safe thereby reducing the burden of government on the lives of the American people.

Motivate and Mobilize

We need to motivate people to register to vote and to get involved in the political process. Our Founding Fathers intended for the electorate to exercise our civic-minded responsibilities. “We the People” should take an active role in electing officials based upon our values.

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