Why we call ourselves the PRESIDENTS TEAM:

We believe that America has awakened to the fact that our Government is getting too big and intrusive in our lives. It started with the Tea Party movement a few years ago which became a movement to keep our elected officials accountable for their promises and what is in the USA’s best interest. The recent Trump movement and election of Donald J. Trump has awakened America once again to question our elected officials and hold them accountable for their promises.

Presidents Team goal is to inform the American people about the policies and progress of the current President’s administration and hold the media accountable for their false & negligent reporting on the issues.

Our Principles:

  • Limited government
  • Lower taxes
  • Tax simplification
  • Secure our borders / Build the Wall
  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Free/FAIR markets and less regulation
  • Maintain the dismantlement of ISIS threat
  • Become the leader of the Free World Again
  • Rule of Law / Equal Justice
  • Energy independence with responsible environmental management