About Presidents Team

Presidents Team is a nonprofit political organization 100% supported by volunteers to educate people on the current policies of the President’s administration and to motivate our Georgia communities to participate in the political process.

We believe it is important to communicate the truth about the President’s policies and to hold the media accountable to the American people. The greatness of our country is not about our politics nor is not about the headline news; but about the greatness of our country is about “We the People” and how the President’s policies serve our best interest.

Our Purpose: Educate ~ Motivate ~ Participate

Educate and Influence Public Policy

We will educate and we will influence public policy to promote lower taxes and regulations, as well as, prioritize the security of our borders. These efforts are essential to keep America safe thereby reducing the burden of government on the lives of the American people.

Motivate and Mobilize People

We need to motivate people to register to vote and to get involved in the political process. Our Founding Fathers intended for the electorate to exercise our civic-minded responsibilities. “We the People” should take an active role in electing officials based upon our values.

Why we call ourselves the “PRESIDENTS TEAM”

We believe that America has awakened to the fact that our Government is getting too big and intrusive in our lives. It started with the Tea Party movement a few years ago which became a movement to keep our elected officials accountable for their promises and what is in the USA’s best interest. The recent Trump movement and election of Donald J. Trump has awakened America once again to question our elected officials and hold them accountable for their promises.

Presidents Team goal is to inform the American people about the policies and progress of the current President’s administration and hold the media accountable for their false & negligent reporting on the issues.

Our Principles:

  • Limited government
  • Lower taxes
  • Tax simplification
  • Secure our borders / Build the Wall
  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Free/FAIR markets and less regulation
  • Maintain the dismantlement of ISIS threat
  • Become the leader of the Free World Again
  • Rule of Law / Equal Justice
  • Energy independence with responsible environmental management


“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”  ~ Edward R. Murrow

Board of Directors

Michael Altman – National Chairman, Cobb
Fred Kittle –  Georgia Chair, Bartow
John David Brandenburg – Georgia Co-Chair / PTN Newsletter Editor, Cobb
Claire Harrison – 1st Vice Chair
Marcia Cox – Executive Director
Chris Waldman – Membership Committee Chair, Cobb
Sue Everhart – Membership, Co-Chair, Cobb
Kay Kent

Board of Advisors

Melissa Humphries – Admin. support, Fulton
Barbara Schmader – Lowndes
Tommie Elaine Shattuck – Editing, Clarke
Pam Ausman – Coweta


Suzanne Gardner Waring – Nationality Engagement, Fulton
Kathy Reynolds – Prayer Warriors Co-chair, Cobb
Terri Teague – Prayer Warriors Chair, Cobb
Jane Curry, Columbia Co., & Anna Tillman, Fulton – Women’s Chair
Karl Schwelm – Veterans, Cobb


Debbie Norris – Chair, Welcome, Cobb
Tiffany Johnson – Chair, Activities, Gwinnett
Chris Waldman – Chair, Membership, Cobb
Sue Everhart – Co-Chair, Membership, Cobb

Regional Directors

TBA – District 2
Anthony Morris – District 8
Howard Miller – District 9
Tommie Elaine Shattuck -District 10
Joe Neal -District 12
Ron Mixon – District 14

County Chairs

Baker: Joey Henderson, Regional Director, Co-Chair #2
Barrow: June Miller
Bartow: Fred Kittle
Cherokee: Marcia Cox
Cobb: Stella Lohmann
Coweta: Pam Ausman
Decatur: Patrick Williamson
Dekalb: William Freeman
Dodge: Brian Lowery (Facebook)
Douglas: Mike Miller
Evans: Peggy Perkins
Fannin: Geraldine Wade
Floyd: Lori Stewart
Forsyth: Tiffany Johnson
Fulton: Anna Tillman
Gwinnett: Jeanette & Janet Mihoci
Hart: Dottie Williams
Henry: Linda Vega
Houston: Lorra & Anthony Baccili
Lee: Mike Lee
Lumpkin: Grace Morrow
Meriwether: Frank Keller
Newton: Jack Brooks
Oglethorpe: Dwayne Ramey
Paulding: Chuck Moore
Pickens: Katie Cagle & Mary Ann Rentz
Spalding: Christine Napier
Sumter: Dennis Taylor
Tattnall: Robert Fischl (Twitter)
Towns: Chuck & Betty Luca
Union: Deb Curlette
Walker: Nancy Burton
Wayne: Harry Bennett
Whitfield: Dianne Putnam