Greetings Presidents Team members & “America First” patriots,

We’ve seen tremendous growth since our launching in June 2017-  We have just hit out 1 year anniversary June 3rd.  Presidents Team is a statewide organization –targeted on USA/President Trump’s agenda/dissemination of facts, and tangible efforts for re-election.

We have applied as a political nonprofit organization and our website:

Find us on & Twitter, @ThePTorg; relatively new, but beginning to take off! Soon, we’ll implement a comprehensive social media strategy, with all the latest “bells & whistles” & even a radio blog.

Presidents Team basic membership is $25/yr, 365 days.  We also offer a Vice-Presidential & Presidential level, each with their own perks, see “Membership” ~ County/chapter chairs receive a Presidents Team resource binder with information and resources.  There is regional training for those who would like to take a leadership role.

With 300+ members & growing, we are on the fast track to activate as many of the 159 Ga counties as possible.  On a monthly basis, every chapter will participate in our selected PT (Presidents Team) activity, tangible, to promote & advance issues important to returning prosperity to our country and to Trump’s important agenda.

We’re very proud of our monthly newsletter, PTN (Presidents Team newsletter) that highlights, rich with photos -the various events & features that we are engaged in around the state to build membership, recruit committed PT leaders & feature Trump news bits, specific to Georgia.

We’re thrilled that you are interested in participating in continuing the Trump movement and that’s what it is – a movement.  We in Georgia, will be taking an active part in keeping it going!!   As Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA stated at their recent convention in Atlanta: “We’ve got to have this President’s back and we have to help him”

Presidents Team is fastly-growing, and spreading across Georgia; over 300 members, 200+ followers & 35 County Chairs, in our first year.  Patriots are excited about having an organized network, so that individual Ga. counties don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”, but can tap into a framework with coordinated activities & resources shared across Georgia:    Communicate – Collaborate – Activate

Critical mid-terms are around the corner – it’s imperative that folks get involved in the registration/voting efforts.  GA Presidents Team county chapters are getting organized & mobilized;  civic-minded citizens are signing-up to play an active role in determining & preserving our great “American Experiment”

We appreciate all you active patriots being on board the Trump Train.  Please JOIN our TEAM, let’s roll, to Keep America Great!    Everyone’s spirits are up & the WINNING is just beginning ~


Claire Harrison – Presidents Team, 1st Vice-Chair