Welcome to Presidents Team!

We’ve seen tremendous growth since our launching on June 3, 2017. Now, we are a state-wide organization with a focus on disseminating the facts about President Trump’s agenda.

We are an non-profit organization.

Soon we will have a radio blog.

Currently, our social media profile includes our web site PresidentsTeam.org.

Follow us on Facebook.com/PresidentsTeamorg, and on Twitter @ThePTorg.

We’re very proud of our monthly Presidents Team Newsletter (PTN) where you may read articles of engaging activities and where you may see photos of exciting events. The PTN features Trump news specific to the nation and to Georgia in particular. As Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, stated at their recent convention in Atlanta, “We’ve got to have this President’s back; and we have to help him.”

Interest in the PTN is spreading and is spurring on our diverse membership and our committed leadership. We’re thrilled that you are interested in participating in continuing the Trump movement; and, that’s what it is – a movement. We, in Georgia, will be taking an active part in keeping it going! Being a member of the Presidents Team is a way you may help, too.

Presidents Team is a fast-growing organization. In our first year we spread across Georgia with over 300 members, with over 200 followers, and with over 35 County Chairs. Patriots are excited about having an organized network so that individual Georgia counties don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” With guidance from PT, the counties can tap into a framework with shared coordinated activities and resources shared across Georgia.

Communicate – Collaborate – Activate

Georgia’s Presidents Team County Chapters are getting organized and are getting mobilized in the state’s registration and voting efforts. We civic-minded citizens are signing up to play an active role in preserving our great “American Experiment.”

Are you interested in organizing a Chapter? County/chapter chairs receive a Presidents Team resource binder with information and resources.  In addition, for those interested in a leadership role, regional leadership training is available

We appreciate the active spirit of patriots who are on board the Trump Train. Let’s join together as a team. The winning is just beginning. Let’s roll to Keep America Great!


Claire Harrison – Presidents Team, 1st Vice-Chair