To Whom it may concern,

I feel compelled to write my local publication and voice my displeasure about the state of the GOP affairs. As a lifelong Republican, I have a few messages to our Congress – GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. We delivered for you, now it’s time for you to deliver for us, the people and for America.

* No more excuses
* No more vacations
* Live under your own laws, the ACA ObamaCare nightmare, then we may see some motivated progress-

You must REPEAL & REPLACE, as promised. Lead.
We have 2 legislators who have set the standard for supporting the president: Senator Perdue & 12th District Representative Rick Allen; Follow their LEAD.

Get the business of this President done. President Trump’s agenda is why he was elected. Make it happen, or suffer the wrath of these American peoples.

Jane Doe
American voter/taxpayer, USA