Letter to the editor – GA counties

Theme: GOP: “Get your House in order” Get the agenda for this President Trump DONE.

• We delivered for you, now you need to deliver for US, the people & for America
• You must LEAD courageously with these 2 WINNING key issues:

  1. REPEAL & REPLACE ObamaCare
  2. Tax simplification & tax RELIEF, corporate & personal

• YOU must fall under the ObamaCare, nightmare, just as we are

• No more excuses – You are not representing us if you cannot/will not deliver;
To be commended: Senator David Perdue & 12th District Representative, Rick Allen actively SUPPORT our president.

• No more vacations – get the business of the agenda DONE.

• This is a WIN / WIN line-up – if you prove yourselves worthy…. Please do your elected jobs – if you fail, we will hold you accountable , as President Trump says, “Make no mistake”