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The Attack Continues – The Corruption of American Institutions — 2 Comments

  1. That’s fine and dandy but I don’t know of any group that actually DEVELOPS action items to do to affect change toward all these issues. Everyone goes to meetings, comes home and thinks they do something. There are people who take an office in their party and do not do the job they promise to do. They like the title but don’t want to do the work. People such as yourself will write things like this and yet, do not take action. It’s easy to write in blogs, go to meetings and get elected to a party title. We need organizations that will actually DO SOMETHING – like the Dems – they are very very good at it and that’s why we are losing this country.

    • Thanks very much for your comment!
      You are right – people go to meetings and never really do anything
      That is because of the “leaders” they have
      And because, despite leadership, most people won’t do anything – remember trying to get people to go out and door knock?

      There are some simple actions items every American can take

      Make a list of the organizations you belong to – start with your church, the school your kids attend, …
      Make a list of the people in that org who are working to harm America
      Do what President Trump has shown to be effective – call them out on their #BS

      Rinse and repeat
      One on one, in your face, interaction will change the changeable and that’s all we need
      $Dems have never been and will never be a majority in America – they generally aren’t a majority even it districts they carry – they win through “good people doing nothing” and #VoterFraud

      Look at the #WalkAway campaign – that’s what it’s about

      Who do you know that votes #Dem? Ask them why?

      ps: what I wrote about the mirror was intended to generate comments like yours – so I guess that’s a win 😉

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